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Timber regulation

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Timber Regulation (EUTR) is the common name of the EU Regulation 995/2010, the instrument with which the EU wants to prevent the trade of illegal timber in member countries. The stated aim of the Regulation, which came into force in Italy on 3rd March 2013, is to make Europe the world's leading market totally clear off  timber from forest management and illegal logging; it does not only apply to wood, but also to its derivatives such as wood pulp and paper, with the exception of certain categories of materials and products, the products made from bamboo (and, by extension, of the non-woody seasonal plants), recycled products and printed paper.
In order to better control the real legality of the supply chain Wood Paper Forest Management, the Timber Regulation introduces a requirement for companies to implement practices of Due Diligence requiring the sector operators (who first places a product on the market EU ) to apply specific procedures of analysis and risk management in order to minimize the likelihood of import and marketing of products of illegal origin and, at the same time allowing access to information to ensure product traceability made of wood and its derivatives.
The Due Diligence must be applied by the same operator, even through specific technical support or help from a Control Body .
ICILA, brand of CSI S.p.A. has been recognized as a Control Body by the European Commission on 01/30/2015.
Regulation (EU) N° 995/2010, Commission delegated Regulation (EU) N° 363/2012 and  Commission Implementing Regulation (EU), N° 607/2012 are the legal basis to be applied.
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