“FSC® COC: a brand for products of certified forests"

Certification Services of the Chain of Custody
FSC® COC certification is a system that makes it possible to trace the material, whether it originates directly from the forest or is recycled, from the source to the finished product,  guaranteeing in this way, that the product comes to all effects from a certified forest, managed in a controlled way or recycled .
In addition to wood, non-timber forest products - such as berries and mushrooms - can also be certified if they come from certified forests, whereas services such as those related to tourism and sport, fauna, air and water cannot be currently certified.
FCS Chain of Custody certification:
allows a better access to markets for the greater propensity of consumers, retailers and merchants to the sale and purchase of certified products
guarantees that timber and paper used are not from illegal logging
demonstrates its social responsibility, improving the image of the sector and its
is a valuable support in implementing the System Due Diligence required by Reg . 995/2010 EU (timber regulation)
communicates their choice of working and / or selling products from forests certified by the branded logo on the product and the applicable administrative material - such as invoices - and advertising
grants greater access to public procurement, in whose tenders the use of wood from certified forests is increasingly being requested
represents a marketing tool to gain new customers and customers loyalty
is a vehicle to enter markets such as publishing, cosmetics and herbal medicine, where the demand for certified products increases daily.

Certifications related to the FSC and PEFC standards

CSI, thanks to the brand ICILA, may also issue, in addition to the certifications related to the FSC standards, those related to the PEFC standard, allowing companies to have a single interlocutor and therefore a cost saving certification.

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