FSC FM: the good environmental management, certified
Certification Services of Forest Management System
FSC FM certification – Forest Management – is an instrument designed to ensure responsible forest management, that is a management that takes into account both the environmental aspects that economic and social rights, where the forest is managed according to specific management plans that allow the maintenance and the harmonious development in real time of this resource, which respects the habitat for wild plants and animals and which are applied all the security features that normally forests play in relation to climate, soil and water .
A good forest management, according to the FSC program, is also one which respects the rights and welfare of workers, population, forest owners and everyone, who earns a living on forest, or because of it, even encouraging local development in the awareness that this depends on the well-being and survival of the forest
FSC FM certification:
  • is a guarantee of a responsible forest management
  • allows to work with Public Administrations and private company, which ask for products coming from forests managed according to these programs
  • provides access to the appropriations made available by some Regions to promote responsible management of forest resources
  • is a valuable support in implementing the System Due Diligence required by Reg . 995/2010 EU (timber regulation)
CSI, thanks to the brand ICILA , has extensive experience in the market, having issued certificates in many different sub- categories of wood / furniture and paper, and can count on commercial and technical staff qualified for competence and ways of relationship. Promptness, customer proximity and assistance to provide technical answers on the application of standards for CSI are fundamental values in service companies.
CSI  may also issue, in addition to the certifications related to the FSC standards, those related to the PEFC standard, allowing companies to have a single interlocutor and therefore a cost saving certification.



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